An Awful Thing to Waste

It’s a strange and wonderful thing when experience and imagination blend into something that is not quite one or the other. In literature and the arts this is Magical Realism – the interaction or combination of the natural with the surreal. An Awful Thing to Waste is an attempt to employ the concept in music, through the lens of the passage of time and its implications for relationships.

Back in October my wife and I spent an afternoon at a nearby state park, enjoying the incredible beauty of north Georgia’s mountains, forests, and rivers. The mental pictures stuck with me for days afterward, and I began to think on the ways incredible natural beauty lends itself to the fantastical. A few days later I sat with an acoustic guitar & began trying to put some of that into a song. This is what the idea sounded like that day:

The theme of time passing helped to focus the lyrics, and the song started honing in on the idea that life and love are precious things to be enjoyed as fully as possible. Our real-life October adventure was given a summer setting to better connote youth and energy, but the feeling of the song comes through in lines like “let’s make believe we’ll never die” – summer implies autumn, and winter. That’s the existential crux of things, that while love and beauty can be immersive, transcendent things, time is always moving us forward.

I arranged, recorded, & produced the track in November 2013, gradually adding parts from talented friends and ultimately mixing and mastering it with Brian Zieske in May 2014. Full credit list below – please check out these incredible musicians and follow their individual projects!

Mixed & mastered by Brian Zieske

Keys by Scottie Dugan

Drums by Ryan Harvey

Bass by Ryan Atkinson

BGVs by Davis Harwell and Paul Lynch